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Certified Green Business - Photography.Green Stock Media is dedicated to environmental sustainability and we feel it is important to walk the talk. Becoming a Certified Green Business has helped reinforce the environmental systems we already have in place and helped us to go even further. Our certification is managed by the Bay Area Green Business Program.


Green business certification requires meeting standards for Solid Waste, Recycling, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, and Pollution Prevention. Here are some of the specific things we do to reduce our ecological footprint:

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions - Our home-based office dramatically cuts transportation emissions. Bicycle and mass transit are used whenever possible. A 38 MPG fuel efficient vehicle is used when necessary. Trip planning reduces miles traveled.
  • Cut Energy Use - Use daylighting to reduce office lighting needs. Use energy efficient lights and equipment. Unplug electronic equipment when not in use. Use natural, energy-free ventilation.
  • Conserve Water - Installed high-efficiency toilet and low flow water aerators to dramatically cut water use without sacrificing functionality.
  • Reuse Extensively - Buy used office furniture to reduce waste in landfills. Refill ink cartridges. Print on used paper as much as possible.
  • Reduce Consumption - Encourage electronic documents for contracts and transactions. Buy paper products with significant post-consumer recycled content. Avoid purchasing products with excessive packaging. Use reusable cups and containers. Proactively remove ourselves from all junk and unwanted mailing lists.
  • Prevent Pollution - Use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning supplies. Properly dispose of all e-waste and toxics.
  • Eat Vegetarian & Reduce Food Waste - Company founder and owner Mike Kahn has been vegetarian since 1998 for the synergistic benefits of environment, ethics, and health. A worm bin has been installed to compost food waste.

We became green certified at our Mountain View location in August 2008, and we were recertified at our new location in Millbrae in September 2009.


Become a certified green business, support green businesses, and encourage other businesses you work with to go green too. It takes all of use to make a difference!




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