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If you would like to help us grow our green business please consider making a donation. There are so many important ways we can utilize funds, such as being able to provide photos or photo services to organizations with great environmental causes who do not have photo budgets. We are not a non-profit organization so your donations are not tax deductible, sorry. You can make a donation of any amount online via PayPal using any major credit card. A PayPal account is not required.




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We have been using PhotoShelter for years to host our customized photo archive. Save up to $30 on your own PhotoShelter account by using this link. Yes, we do receive referral credit too, so you are helping us out as well. Important: Even if you just start with their the free trial, you must sign-up via the link first in order to get the discount. PhotoShelter provides photography websites, high-resolution photo hosting with search function and lightboxes, online e-commerce photo sales, ability to sell prints and products, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more!



We are working on a blog for our site (not ready yet!) using a Graph Paper Press Wordpress blog theme. If you purchase an account subscription through our link they give us 20%. You get a great Wordpress blog and you help us bring in a little extra revenue for green projects! Graph Paper Blogs have some amazing abilities to integrate with Photoshelter accounts too.



We use Constant Contact to send our email newsletters. They are one of the top email service providers in the business. If you or your company/organization are interested in using Constant Contact we can get you a $30 credit on a new account and we will also receive a $30 credit for the referral. Win-win! And even before you pay anything, Constant Contact gives you a free 60-day trial to make sure the service is right for you. IMPORTANT: To be eligible for the referral you must email us (info @ with your request so we can submit a referral form that will send you a link for the credit. If you start a trial service without using the referral link you will not be eligible. (This info was posted 11/20/09 and is applicable until Constant Contact stops this referral program.)


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